Mass of a 6 inch enclosure

Hi everyone, I came across the 6’ enclosure which suits my underwater application. I wonder what is the total mass of it, and what is the buoyancy force for the empty enclosure?

I looked at the technical details, but I cant find the mass (

Hi @dragonager, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The page you’ve linked to is a configuration page, where you’re able to change which parts you purchase. While I agree it would be handy for the weight to be dynamically calculated based on the selected configuration, that’s not something that’s available at this point. You can find the weight of each of the relevant components in the technical details of the individual product pages in the 6" WTE category.

I’m hoping to include weights and volumes in the work-in-progress technical reference at some point, but I unfortunately haven’t yet had the time to add them.

Buoyancy comes from the weight of the displaced liquid, so depends on the density of the liquid the enclosure is in, along with how submerged the enclosure is. It can be calculated as F_B = \rho_{water} V_{displaced}, and the net buoyancy is determined as the total buoyancy force minus the weight of the object doing the displacing (in this case the enclosure and whatever you put inside it).

If you’re designing something more complex than a single enclosure or want precise control over the assumed water density then it may make sense to make a spreadsheet of results, but otherwise you can calculate the total volume and mass of your object and use our buoyancy calculator to see the net and total buoyancy force for common densities of fresh and salt water :slight_smile: