Marine Robot Nyx

I thought I would take the opportunity to show off my project. The T100 thrusters have been critical in making the idea a reality.

The construction is quite simple. Its all off the self parts, zip ties and plumbing materials. I don’t have the resources to do much more with the hardware build. But most of the work has gone into the software. My day job is a software engineer. So iv put a lot of effort into the tracking and routing software. Iv also created a lot of open source drivers for all the devices. GPS data parsing, compass, BlueESC, satellite modem etc.


@christian Very cool! I’m a fan of the long range, persistent marine sensors. Have you managed to conduct any tests overnight yet?

@kklemens thanks Kevin. I have been working towards an overnight deployment. Each time Iv wanted to get braver and send Nyx further off the coast of the bay I have had concerns or sometimes actual issues with my build. The odd water incursion. On last deployment one of the BlueESCs failed. Luckily your team stepped in and helped me get set up with BasicESCs and new motor cores. This changed my design (moving from i2c to pwm control). Which is a shame because I really liked the voltage data etc and the direct i2c control.

When I do deploy though, Nyx will happily track way points for hours at a time, in the bay’s small wave conditions. I have some “hold position” algorithms and “emergency return to base” (upon lack of comms) which work perfectly under simulation. So I’m a few hours away from finishing the rebuild with the BasicESC controllers and hopefully we’ll be back in the water real soon!