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Making an ROV VR Game

Making a prototype ROV game for a “Client”, but im supposed to be the creative one, but I dont know much about ROV’s and waht they do… I came here to ask the ROV community what kind of missions or things you could do in a game that relates to real life scenarios. free netflix I try to google ROV missions, scenarios but google does not seem to be very helpful for the subject. tech news Any creative types out here to give me any idea’s or inspiration. Thank you to anyone that helps.

Take a look at the videos shared here. Recently someone threaded a line trough an anchor to recover it, that looked cool.
You can also have scenarios for inspecting things (covering all area or finding defects).
maybe exploring some sunken ship, or finding something in it?

You could add missions to follow scuba divers, monitor or capture a living specie for studies, hold the position of the ROV to help a second ROV to accomplish a job, find the way back following the tether and get back to the boat and etc.

But as said, take a look in the videos around our forum and in youtube, probably you’ll find some great ideas.

Using a 7-degree-of-freedom manipulator (or two of them) to pick up samples, or extract sample containers from a bin, push into soil, replace in bin. Use a gas sensor wand to sample gasses bubbling from undersea vents. Examine sea creatures living/feeding off of subsea volcanic vents (smokers). Deploy/retrieve scientific sensors/equipment. Inspect/repair oil rig infrastructure, ie. replace sensors, plug/unplug new connections, insert/turn bolts/nuts. Inspect underside of ships and wharfs/docks for decay/damage. Retrieve expensive watch dropped by rich boater. Retrieve DGI Phantom 4 quadcopter for rich amateur photographer. Place explosives for siesmic survey or unexploded ordnance EOD. Assist divers. Find drowning victim’s body/ deploy bouy for location and retrieval. Or retrieve if too deep for rescue divers.