"Make it Swim" CAD Contest! $1000 prize of BR components!

“Make it Swim” CAD Contest (ends May 5th)

Calling all creators to the “Make it Swim” 3D Design Contest!

To celebrate becoming a featured brand on printables.com, we are calling all 3D designers to the challenge of creating a component suited for marine robotics applications! Extra bonus if it can be used with a Blue Robotics product! Submit your authentic and creative 3D-printable design through the form below and the Blue Robotics humans will choose a winner based on originality, functionality, and aesthetics.

The winning entry will be awarded $1K store credit to bluerobotics.com, and of course, we can’t help but choose some runner ups. :grin: If your design does function with a Blue Robotics part, we will include it in our collections on printables.com!

Details to enter:

  1. Create a 3D design for a marine robotics component
  2. Create an account or login at printables.com, click “create”, and then “model”
  3. Upload your 3D design file, add basic information, a description, and submit your model
  4. Fill out this form (including a link to your design on printables.com) by 11pm PT on May 5th

Tag a fellow master 3D designer on our social media post and don’t forget to check out our Printables page for some 3D inspiration!

Deadline is May 5th at 11pm PT.

The fine print: every contest has to have fine print, right?

  • You may make multiple entries of different designs.
  • Blue Robotics employees are not eligible to win this contest.
  • We may share submitted design images on our social media and if we do so we will give credit to the designer.
  • By submitting a design, you are permitting your model to be included on our official printables profile.

Our pal and trusted partner, Luc, of SYERA 3D printed an entire ROV!

For inspiration, here is one of our featured 3D models (a Thruster Mount) available for download on our Printables page!

Happy (3D) printing!


@ZPKinc, I’ve remembered that you were upset to miss our previous CAD contest - if you haven’t already it’s not too late to submit something to this one! :smiley:

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Tossed my designs into the ring, yay!

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So, did they announce anything yet?

We posted about the winner just a few hours before your comment :slight_smile:

We’ve also added several of the new submissions to our printables collections (including adding a new category for “community vehicles”), and there’ll be some additional posts over the next few weeks about some of our other top picks from the submitted designs.

I’ll likely do some form of summary post on the forum (like I did for our previous design contest) once the results are finished being announced :slight_smile:

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