T500 Vehicle Design Contest!

T500 Vehicle Design CAD Contest (ends August 21st)

We want to see your creativity shine and are challenging YOU to design a vehicle featuring the new T500 Thruster for a chance to score a pair of T500s for yourself!!! Submit your CAD drawing and a description through this form and the Blue Robotics team will choose a lucky winner based on originality, functionality, and aesthetics.

The winning entry will be awarded two T500 Thrusters and Basic ESC 500s (worth $1,570) and their design will be turned into a sticker and sent out with Blue Robotics orders!

For inspiration, here are two T500 ROVs recently designed by internal BR teams in a company design sprint contest. Your submission doesn't have to be an ROV, but it can be!

Details to enter:

  • Create a virtual design for a vehicle propelled by T500 Thrusters in your favorite computer aided design (CAD) software!
  • Capture a few good images of your design, whether they are screenshots or renders.
  • Submit your design by 11pm Pacific Time on August 21st.

You can download a copy of the T500 Thruster 3D model to incorporate into your design. If you know any master CADers who might be interested, please share!


The fine print: every contest has to have fine print, right? You may make multiple entries of different designs. Blue Robotics employees are not eligible to win this contest. We may share submitted design images on our social media and if we do so we will give credit to the designer. By submitting a design, you are NOT sharing any rights to that design other than the image, so don't worry about us stealing anything! 🙂

Banner image: The JM Robotics HD3, using T500 Thrusters.

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I’m excited to see what weird and wonderful creations you guys come up with! :smiley:

Note that these criteria aren’t focused on complexity. If you don’t have heaps of time but can come up with a simple and elegant design with some unique functionality, that’s just as valid a submission as a more standard but complex and multi-functional one.

I’m personally interested to see what kind of vehicle frames are submitted, and whether there are designs with unusual uses for the thrusters, beyond just vehicle propulsion :slight_smile:

So upset I missed out on this opportunity. Here’s a quick fun freebie

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Hi @ZPKinc, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We’ll have to do another CAD competition at some point - this one was quite fun, and interesting to see the responses. We’ve featured several of the submissions on our social media, which you may or may not have already seen :slight_smile:

Cool design! Given the big water hole in the middle, presumably the electronics would live in the outer shell, perhaps with adjustable fins at the rear for steering? It may be tricky to get much buoyancy, and to balance the weight distribution, but it could also potentially work well as an efficient vertical travel / fluid-filled-pipe inspection robot or something :slight_smile:

Design wise it’s kind of like a mix between a streamlined torpedo and an extended version of the donut concept in my StaROV project :slight_smile:


To anyone interested, there’s a summary of the top designs from the contest in this post :slight_smile: