Lumen Depth Rating - Oil Filled?

Has anyone oil filled a Lumen light to increase its depth rating?

I need 600m…

You might reach out to support directly but as I understand it the reduction from 900 to 500 rating was due to the potted perpetrators prior to switching to wetlink. So it seems the connection not the cavity is the weak spot for depth rating. I personally WITH NO RESASON, OR PROOF think I would take my lumens to 600 and feel safe as the wetlinks can do more than 500.

Hi All!

We’ve had several reports of Lumen lights being tested without issue to 800m, and even 950m water depth. The depth rating is based on simulation results, which can be conservative. The most likely failure mode at extreme depth would be with the lens itself.
Anyone intending to use lights below the depth rating should test their specific set of Lumens to the intended maximum depth before relying on them in the field!

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