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Low-Light HD USB Camera

(Eirik) #1


we are looking into streaming video from the new Low-Light HD USB Camera over a 4g connection during an inspection, and wondered if it was possible to change the settings in the h.264 encoder in the chip? We want to get a stream with lower bitrate. Currently we get a bitrate of approximately 10 Mbps independent of the settings we set in gstreamer.

(Jacob) #2

Yes it is possible. I have been using v4l2-ctl to do this.

Check this topic How to adjust compression on new HD cam?.

(Eirik) #3

We can set the settings for resolution, framerate and so on, but it seems like the onboard h.264 encoder has a target bitrate on 10 Mbps. So we get the same bitrate at 1080p high fps as we get with e.g 720x480 at low fps. As far as I can see it is not possible to access the encoder settings in v42l-ctl? Or is it?