Long startup time on BlueOS

Hi everybody,

I’ve moved from Companion 0.0.31 to BlueOS recently, and working great. But there’s a small problem bothers me. The startup time (power up to ROV connected to QGC) is much longer on BlueOS, approximately moves from 30s(companion computer) to 60s(BlueOS). Is there any possibility to cut down the startup time?

Hi @evantianyn,

That’s a known issue, but seemingly not something we’ve had time to focus on improving. I’ve bumped it in the issue in case it’s something we can get some additional traction on with fresh eyes.

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I have been suffering from this issue too.

With RPI4+navigator setup the startup time was something between 2-3 minutes.

Now, I`m using embedded system(Pixhawk)+RPI 4, and the startup time is something around 1 minute.

Hi Eliot,

Thx for the reply. Hopefully we can find a way out to it. Thanks again.