Location of the center of gravity in the BlueROV Heavy

Hi there,
does anybody know where I could find the location of the center of gravity in the BlueROV heavy?
I know, that this may vary based on the trimming weights, but is there any indication of its location for a simple BlueROV heavy configuration with battery, but without any additional tools attached? I gather, that it should be somewhere in the center, when viewing the ROV from above, but where would it be located along the vertical axis?

Ideally, if you are going to fly 3d, then you want CoB and CoG to coincide at X,Y.Z , 0,0,0, but if you want a “stable” craft, then you want CoG as low as possible in the Z axis and CoB then as high as possible in the same axis.
But if you want to find the actual CoG then perhaps the 3D model will show it. The heavy config kit will raise the CoG and also the CoB a little.

Was that helpful at all :slight_smile:

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Hi @franka,

Center of gravity for a given axis can often be determined practically by balancing the object on two rods/poles, and sliding one towards the other until the object starts to tip. Since the front of the ROV is quite obstruction-free, I’d recommend trying that approach if you want to find the Z axis location of the CoG for your vehicle in a given configuration.

As @SDI mentioned, the center of buoyancy (from the volume distribution) is also important. This thread may be worth a read.

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thank you both for the information, I already computed the COB using a CAD model. And I hoped there might be some general answer for the location of the COG for a standard BlueROV heavy, but I guess I will determine it experimentally then. :slight_smile: