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Lithium Battery Charger showing Bat. Error

Hi was wondering if anyone had an idea on what the error: Bal. Error means on the lithium battery charger while trying to charge a lithium ion batter 14.8v ,18Ah.
Basically when removing the main clip (5 pin connector) from charger, the charger went hot and wires felt hot as well… unfortunately now I can’t get it to charge any battery… ??? The charger still turns on but when plugging a battery for charge this error message comes up…

Hi Damien,

If you still have the manual for the charger, the error codes will be stated at the back of the manual.

Can you try a normal mode charge? Do you still have a fault?

Balance modes requires the balance connector but normal mode does not.

I would also suggest buying a cell checker, this would indicate any faults within the battery.

Kind regards

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