List of larger components to use with T500

I am preparing budget to assembly larger ROV using T500 motor, therefore i need list of component such as larger electronic enclosure tube, larger 24 v battery and etc. Where do i find list of component that will be suitable for this larger T500 motor ROV such as larger light, larger frame and etc.

Hi @noppita,

While we do have a few larger product variants on our roadmap, currently our only “larger” products are the T500, Basic ESC 500, and our 6" and 8" enclosures.

Other relevant components are only available at the moment if you source and/or design and manufacture them yourself :slight_smile:

Dear Eliot

Thank you for your comment.
What about the following setup.
T500 (8 ea)
ESC500 (8 ea)
Bluerobotic electronic with enclosure (do i need 6 or 8 inch enclosure to accommodate larger
connector from T500
What about 24 v battery set? will you have 24 v battery soon?
what size of enclosure tube for 24 v battery?
Light? how many set of bluerobotic light can i install to your electronic system? any
recommendation for other light provider?
We will design and fabricate frame.

Thank you

Hello @noppita
These batteries will just fit inside the standard 4in enclosure. What you can do is run 2x 4inch battery enclosures and 4 thrusters from each one. That will be pushing the limits of the battery, and you may want to run 2 smaller batteries inside each housing (2 ESCs per battery).

thank you very much for your information.
From my experience with blueROV2 (heavy set), there are one set of + and - wire coming out of electronic enclosure and these 2 wire was connect to 1 battery. All ESCs are in one electronic enclosure and wires are coming out from the electronic enclosure and onto each motor.

do you mean to have all 8 ESCs in the electronic enclosure and 1 set of battery wire coming out of 1 battery enclosure and into the electronic enclosure and connect to 4 ESCs and another set of battery wire coming out of second battery enclosure and into the same electronic enclosure and connect to other 4 ESCs.

What I am suggesting is having 4 ESCs and one battery inside one battery enclosure, and the other battery and another 4 ESCs in the other battery enclosure. Both battery enclosures would be the same size as the main electronics enclosure, so the vehicle will be very large. It will be necessary to then run electrical connections for the ESC control signals (servo or PWM) and also power cables from each of the battery enclosures to the main electronics enclosure.

I expect many people will be developing their own batter packs for the new T500 thruster vehicles, but it is very hard to get enough energy in a battery pack. One alternative, is to simply run the T500 thrusters from the standard Blue ESCs and battery pack. They will be more efficient/powerful, but of course you cannot reach the maximum potential power of the thruster.

Our newest vehicle has been in the works for a while and we developed a large power supply (1kW) that is mounted in a small housing along with the ESC and an opto-isolator because it was impractical to put all the ESCs and the required power in a single housing. By running higher voltages to each of these thruster “pods” we are able to keep the massive bus bars and cables required out of the electronics housing, but it is not a trivial design. We will be releasing more information soon.

What do you think about these setup?

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Option 2 seems the best of the 3. You could run the lights from the main housing though if you wanted. Also, going to 6S (6 series LiPo cells) for the batteries on the T500 would be idea. However, please be careful of other voltages, as you may want to run either a regulator, or smaller battery (4S such as the standard Blue Robotics battery) for the grabber.

I revised option 2.1 as per your suggestion. I am thinking about using bigger light that require 24 V, so i will put 2 lights with motor battery (6S) and i will run small 4S battery into the electronic enclosure


I believe we’re planning to release new end caps for the 4" and 6" enclosures quite soon that will include holes for M14 penetrators. You can also get a blank end cap if you want to make your own holes - whether the electronics fit depends on what you’re including in the enclosure you choose.

We’re developing a 6S battery that will fit in a 4" enclosure, which should hopefully be releasing towards the end of this year.

You can install as many lights as you want, assuming you’re able to supply sufficient power to them. Note that if you’re wanting to power them from a single set of wires, there are limits to how many can go in one daisy chain.

It’s not something I’ve looked into. There may be some other options that have been discussed if you search the forum for something like “larger lights” or similar.

@EliotBR Will the new end caps for 6" enclosures include domes?

At this stage the new end-caps will just be some different options with a mix of M10 and M14 holes, to support the M14 WLPs required for the T500.

I brought this up internally and was told we don’t have near term plans to sell 6" domes, but they are definitely something we want to make :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the update

thank you Eliot for your information. We are not confident to completely select component by ourselves and make design from ground up. That is why we are asking for some guideline and example of what to purchase and then we will be confident enough to assemble them with some minor part fabrication. Well, i guess i have to wait a bit longer for more information about ROV with T500.

Fair enough - not everyone has the knowledge and/or resources to do so, and that includes us at this point.

I can’t provide guidelines or examples without information or testing data to base them off, so until we have finished our upcoming designs and are selling those larger products, and/or until we have searched for and found others’ products that we’re willing to recommend, there isn’t more advice that we can provide beyond helping with things like relevant search terms.

Do you have a rough idea of what you need to do with the ROV?
-How much thrust it will require (how much more than a Blue ROV2 heavy)?
-Maximum depth rating?
-What is the maximum payload size/weight in water/weight in air/electrical power?
-Dive duration?
-Average power required during the dive (to calculate required battery or power supply)?
-Maximum length of tether?
-Power source available for battery charging or power supply?

If what you need is an ROV with just a bit more thrust than a Blue ROV2 heavy, then probably running 8x T500s on a slightly large frame with 2x 4S or 6S batteries is probably fine and it’s more easily done.

On the other hand, if you require an ROV that can drag a 300m tether and large payload in 3 knot currents, you probably want 12 or more T500s, a 8kW power supply with 800V tether and power converter (and required safety gear), and it will require a 3-phase 15kW generator to power it. That would be a $100k+ ROV that must be run from a larger vessel with the onboard power available.