Daisy-chaining more than four lumens?

Can more than four lumens be daisy-chained together? I’ve got a project that requires six lumens and I would like to daisy chain them all toether so as I don’t need to try to squeeze in a new penetrator or add another control.

You can daisy chain them yes. Its well advised to keep the same revision Lumens together. Eg if you already have 4 R2 lumen lights, then make sure the additional 2 are also R2 lumens.

Its not critical but well advised as otherwise you might run into some issues.

Hi @TinyDiver

As Matt mentioned, it is possible and fine to daisy chain more lights together. The only limitation that will eventually be hit is the amount current going through the wires. That depends on the voltage you run the lights at.

For example, at maximum power they always consume about 15 Watts, so at 12V, that’s 15W/12V = 1.25 amps per light. So, which six lights you’d have up to 6 x 1.25 = 7.5 amps running through the wires. That’s about the normal rating for the 22 AWG wires to handle long term.

Note however, that if you run the lights at higher voltage, such as the maximum voltage of 48V, the then current is much lower. In that case, 15W/48V = 0.31A each, which means you could run up to 24 lights in series before you’d get the same 7.5A current in the wires.

Sorry if this is too much info! You should definitely be fine with six.


How do you tell the difference between R1 and R2 lights?

Hi @salvor1,

The R2 version was released in July 2018 (see the Revision History in the Technical Details of the product page for other revision details).

For quick reference,


(although note that R2/R3/R4 use the same electronics, so it’s not as relevant to keep a set of the same ones together, whereas R1 had different light levels to the others)

Hi Elliot and thanks,
I will post this in the forum also.

The main difference I see is: (definitive difference)

a plastic mounting is o ringed on,
-there is no mounting base on R1 lights -am I correct?

other differences
R1 lights have:

silver colored fasteners
equal length potted penetrator and plug

Yes. The main visually unique features of R1 are the short/squat potted penetrators, non-anodized screws, and external (instead of built-in) mount :slight_smile:

thanks, you are a luminary.

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I appreciate that pun :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: