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Current draw on Lumen lights

Hi, I am wondering how much current the R2 lights draw. I don’t understand the peak current spec “15/V in amps”. If it means current = 15/V, it would mean current goes up as voltage goes down, that doesn’t seem right, but then I’m no electrical engineer. I have a 12v power source on my PDB but it is only rated 500 mA continuous, I want to know if that is sufficient to power the lights. BTW I have 2 lights. Thanks!

Hi @chrisjerome,

Yes, you understand the current and power specifications correctly correctly. The Lumen lights run the LED in constant power mode to keep performance consistent regardless of input voltage within the acceptable range. Current draw will go down as voltage increases, since I * V = W. They will draw 15 W at peak brightness.

Your power supply can only provide 12 * 0.5 = 6 W, which is not sufficient to run the lights at maximum brightness.


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Thanks and understood! Chris

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