Link question,can't upload successfully

When I downloaded the firmware of BlueROV2 Heavy under Ubuntu 20.04, I found that the burning did not go in, as shown in the figure below:

I pinged in the terminal and found that it is possible to link

But I can still download the .apj file using the website

So is there any way for me to finish the firmware download using the command ./waf --upload sub in the terminal?

Hi @suitangxiaoyi,

To flash autopilot firmware the computer doing the flashing must have a direct USB connection to the autopilot board (e.g. Pixhawk). The two possible approaches for flashing on custom firmware are to either:

  • upload the firmware you want to flash via the web interface of your onboard computer (Raspberry Pi) and allow it to do the flashing, OR
  • plug the autopilot board into your topside computer and manually use waf to flash the firmware

Note that the autopilot firmware flashing functionality in recent beta releases of BlueOS is more robust than the one in our old Companion Software.