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Light question (on/off)

(Russ T. Bercle) #1

If you have the 4 lights on the Blue ROV2 do all four lights have to be on the entire time or can you switch between two and four lights while it is in the water? does four lights compared to two lights use a lot more battery life if you cannot turn them off?

(Rusty) #2

Hi Russ,

You can dim the lights between minimum and maximum brightness. At half brightness, it will be similarly or more efficient than two lights at full brightness.


(Etienne Demers) #3

You would need to install two pairs instead of the 4 lights daisy-chained together. Then run the signal wire (yellow) to AUX 1 and control the light with Servo_1.

Edit by Jacob: Run the signal wire to Aux 1-4 and select that channel as the Lights 2 output on the lights setup page.