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Kayak Outrigger Project

(Mark Langille) #41

Also a change in plans around the motor placement. Going to do a test with them mounted at the rear of the kayak instead of the pontoons. If it allows for differential steering at the rear it will make for a more flexible cleaner setup.

Working on the hardwired Arduino controller setup next…

(Mark Langille) #42

Posted this in another thread but some updates…

Plan now to mount the T200 at the rear of the kayak as opposed to on the pontoons, makes for a simpler cleaner setup. Hopefully can get enough separation of the 2 T200 to still allow for skid steering. Motors will be mounted on an inverted PVC Y off the rear rod mount.

(Steve) #43

I played a lot with trying to increase my watercraft’s speed. At one point I was putting out 4 HP (and melting solder connections) with my non-Blue Robotics experiments. I then discovered https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hull_speed and realized no amount of power would let my boat go faster than 4 knots.
The T200’s put me in that 4 knot range and I haven’t done the detailed testing to see if I can programatically back off on the throttle if I’m wasting any power.

(Mark Langille) #44

Some updated pics of the pontoons and mockups of the T200 mounting & placement.

(Mark Langille) #45

Some updated pics of the Arduino controller setup. Hopefully be water testing this week or next.

(Mark Langille) #46

Quick video of the setup:

(Grant) #47

Hey there, wanted to see how the progress was coming along and if you have been able to test out the Drill batteries on the water.

(Mark Langille) #48

Unfortunately, my father had a stroke this spring which basically sidelined the project. We are hoping to test it this spring when weather warms up now that he is recovering.