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Jpeg file size limit?

Exploring the Agustus Handy with our BR2. we have installed two Keldan lights, and a hero 9 black in a isota housing. we did have a failed penetrator this spring and installed a 19 hole end cap and all new Cobalt Connectors. So far working perfect!

darn!! my jpeg upload quits at 90% is there a size limit??

Sounds like a neat setup and a fun place to explore. Bummer about the penetrator, but glad things are working well with the new end cap and connectors!

I just checked and we apparently have an image upload limit of 40 megapixels, but my quick search online for the hero 9 reckons it takes 20 megapixel images, so I can’t see why that would be the issue.


It’s a jpg file 20.9 mb…. Hmmm love to share some pics oh well


Joe Van Wagnen

Maybe try compressing it to a smaller size? If there is a limit that I didn’t find (possibly dependent on discourse trust level or something) then it’ll likely be based on a multiple of 5, so 20, 15, 10, or 5MB.

Would definitely be cool if we could see some of your pictures :slight_smile:

Let’s see if I can attach it here compressed jpeg

Let me know if it works

Joe Van Wagnen

(Attachment handy compressed Jpeg.zip is missing)

Nope diddnt work sorry you don’t except zip files

Hi, try something like https://compressjpeg.com/!

Hi William

thats the program i used it created a zip file… its not on the aproved file format list so it was rejected.
you guys dont get very many pictures that way.

i have some cool pictures of the rov exploring wrecks. if we can figure out how to post them

You should be able to get the compressed images out by extracting the zip file contents on your computer. If you’re on windows there should be an ‘extract’ button in the file explorer when you click to select the file, and on Mac you can just double click it. You’ll still need to upload the images individually here for us to see them.

If that doesn’t work you can put a share link to a cloud storage folder with the images in it (e.g. Google drive, one drive, Dropbox), we just won’t be able to see them directly in the comment thread :slight_smile:

There is a limit. I have reached it a few times when trying to post panorama pictures.
Screenshot from 2021-07-13 17-28-19

Thanks for pointing this out, that’s really odd, and may be specific to panorama images, I’ll have to do some tests.

As I mentioned we have an ‘max image megapixels’ admin setting that’s set to 40, which should in theory support images up to at least 120MB. There is apparently an ‘automatic resize’ trigger for images that have more than 1920 pixels in width or height, or images that are larger than ~520MB (no idea how that was chosen, but it seems to be the default), but as far as I can tell they should still be accepted - but would just get auto-resized before being saved and served.

Maybe there’s a limit set by the hosting service or something, I’ll ask internally to see if anyone knows what the deal is.

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