Is there any suitable Ardusub firmware for Cube Orange Plus?

Hello everyone, We have Cube Orange+. I’m having trouble installing the necessary software for Cube Orange. I get the “upgrade canceled” error every time I install the “ardusub.apj” files I found. I’m waiting for your solution suggestions!

Hi @omer_faruk,

There are firmware builds for all the ArduPilot-supported flight controller boards on their firmware site. Do note that not every board type is as frequently used, so while the Cube boards are one of our recommended options, they haven’t been as extensively tested as the boards that have shipped with our vehicles.

I believe you should also be able to install an appropriate firmware through both QGroundControl and BlueOS, without needing to find your own manual firmware file.

Hi @EliotBR ,

Thanks for helping! I checked firmwares and i could not find any stable version for Cube Orange Plus (I think it hasn’t been released yet). Anyway, I downloaded the apj file suitable for Cube Orange Plus from the “latest” versions and tried to install it on Qground. But i think it does not work. I cannot view the interface after the installation completed. Also, I tried starting it by unplugging it and plugging it back in.