Is the Control Zero Classic a drop in replacement for a pixhawk 1?

Simple question is the mRo Control Zero Classic a complete drop-in replacement for a pixhawk 1 with compatibility with arduSub? and if not what is the next best thing that is possible to purchase?

Navigator Flight Controller for Raspberry Pi 4 for ROVs, robots, and drones (

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Hi @commanderkazakov, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The mRo Control Zero Classic is not a board we’ve tested or actively support, and it seems to have a different processor and some different sensors so it may not be completely compatible. That said, it is one of the boards that ArduPilot firmwares are automatically built for, so the relevant ArduSub firmware build is available here if you want to try it out.

Without doing more of a deep dive I can’t guarantee that all functionality will be available and identically matched, so it’s possible some features could be missing.

EDIT: I’ve been told

As @k-deboer provided the link for, our recently released Navigator board is what we would most recommend, but be aware that using it requires a Raspberry Pi 4B (which can be bought with it, but is an extra expense if you have an existing vehicle), and it uses JST-GH connectors (per our connector standard) instead of the DF13 connectors on the Pixhawk. You can check out our Navigator Retrofit Guide if you want to install one in an older vehicle :slight_smile:

Another flight controller board option which has been confirmed to work with ArduSub (by others in the community) is the Pixhawk 4. It also uses JST-GH connectors instead of DF13 though, and has some other extension hardware you’ll need to find a place for. I believe it is also frequently sold out at the moment.

If you’re looking for an exact replacement, our remaining stock of Pixhawk 1 boards is available on our store until it runs out.