Is QGroundControl needed to control my rover or can I use a BlueOS extension?

The evolution of BlueOS and features such as the Extensions Manager are remarkable. Well done! This makes me think towards future developments for my rover.

Is QGC still going to be required to control my rover if I am not using or need a mission planner? I will need a mission planner in future but experience has shown that the shortest route travelled is often the best. There are no unneeded bits in the middle.

My requirements are greater than the standard release abilities in BlueOS. For example, I have four LEDs and do not daisy chain them. I run four IP cameras and no USB or directly connected cameras to the RPi4. I use the BME280 and run 16 of them all feeding back data simultaneously. I use large NEMA stepper motors as my torque is around 120Nm out on each of the two motors. I have my own electronics stack to serve these devices. Now, I need an interface for these.

I’m hoping to use extensions and the extension manager to create an interface to manage and display the data as required. I know extensions are not viewed as stable and there will be issues along the way but if I’m not bound to QGC, then I’d love to explore an extension.

I would love to hear people’s thoughts and questions. If you have experience with developing an extension, I’d love to chat with you. Maybe you can help us write one? Many thanks in advance.