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Is it safe to power the pixhawk using a BEC connected to the servo rail without the zener diode?

Hi, on my pixhawk quadcopter project, i received a broken power module, and i was wondering, is it possible to power the pixhawk using a BEC inside the ESC in the servo rail by itself? And if so, what would be the risks without a zener diode connected? I read that it prevents the pixhawk from rebooting, but are there other risks? I really don’t want to fry the pixhawk.

My setup doesn’t have any servo motors puling current from the servo rail.

If this is not a safe way to power the pixhawk, are there other ways without using a power module?


You can connect without the zener diode, the only problem is the overvoltage protection that you’ll not have.
Personally, it depends if you trust the components that you are using, and if you going to use without a protection circuit for a long time.

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Hi, it powered up fine, and we did end up buying a zener diode, thanks for the answer, and sorry for my late reply.