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Almost done, just a few questions


Planning to have Maiden in a few weeks. So far all seem to work but to make sure nothing burns I still don’t know preferred method powering the Pix? Information on this seem to be conflicting with some saying to power through Telem, power module or USB from Pi. What would be the preferred method? Assume I need USB for comms, and I need the sensing from the power module. Will it hurt the Pix to receive multiple power inputs?

Best, Joe


The pixhawk has a power management IC. The power supply is triple-redundant and will work for any combination of inputs on:

  • usb (required for comms)
  • power module input (required for power monitoring)
  • servo rail (required for camera tilt servo power, the other power inputs will power the cpu, but will not provide a servo power on this rail)

We recommend (and to a functional extent, require) using all three inputs.

Thanks Jacob