IP CAMERA 4K / 60FPS / Plug and play for BR2

Hi @joaoantoniocardoso

Sorry for the delay in my response, I have been doing all the possible tests with Cockpit.

First of all, thank you for your extended and sincere response! And I’m also glad you like my camera project.

Regarding the problems I was experiencing with Cockpit, I would like to comment that I have managed to resolve them.
I already knew about the solutions that you told me about using the GPU in Chrome and had tried without success before writing to you, but searching the internet I finally found a solution. I had to activate the following parameters in Chrome://flags (photo attached).

I also have to say that on my computer, since it has dual graphics, I cannot use Chrome with the more powerful Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050, it seems that Chrome does not like it and forces me to use the Intel UHD, I have seen this problem in many forums. Internet. In my case it is a problem with the BIOS version of my computer, the next version of my computer with the RTX 3060 graphics card now allows you to use only the dedicated graphics card, which makes Chrome accept it.

In any case, the adjustments I made in Chrome://flags allow me to use the Intel UHD graphics, and they solved the problem and now the video in Cockpit literally flies, even with the RasberryPi 3B, which, as you mentioned, its hardware was not the problem, which is great because this tells me that the camera I’m designing will be usable on the older BR2s. So take advantage of this data and congratulations on your work! I find it really impressive, especially the configuration of all the parameters and settings of the Cockpit display and configuration. Very well done!

I have also installed the desktop version .exe to compare which one works better. Also with the desktop version on my computer I can use both graphics, but honestly I don’t notice any difference. Both versions have given very good results. I am attaching below videos with telemetry overlay, photos of GPU consumption and latency, from both Cockpit versions via Web Browser Chrome and via Desktop. (download the videos to watch them in full quality)

Cockpit Chrome Web Browser:

Cockpit Desktop:

I also attach a video of the latency in motion with Cockpit Desktop (web Browser is the same latency):

The only “problem” in my opinion is still not being able to use h265+, the truth is that the camera looks “noticeably” better with this codec, especially in shadowed areas, with low light and with rapid camera movements, there it is notice some mild pixelation due to this compression. With h265+ this does not happen, the image is clear at all times. That is why I ask you the following:

Would it be possible in the Cockpit Desktop version to add a video configuration in which a Gstreamer pipeline could be added?

If it is not possible, do you know of any means to convert RTSP h265 stream to RTSP h264 stream, with Gstreamer or FFMPEG? I have managed to do it from RTSP to RMTP with FFMPEG, but I can’t find a way to achieve the former. The idea is to somehow “trick” WebRTC.

Another option would be to be able to access the http:// url of the camera, through Cockpit, since through the web browser (Chrome or Edge) it can be viewed in h265+ with very low latency and very good quality.

Comment that I have installed the latest Beta versions of Cockpit and saw the delay and selection functions between UDP or TCP. In my case it was not necessary to use them, it works well with the original configuration with results of 0.2 seconds of latency. But also very good job!

I also read in the next post that @rafael.lehmkuhl commented that it would be possible to make an http request through Cockpit, without having to use NodeRED (I have tried using it and I still have a lot to read to make it work, but it seems great). I mention this because it would be super useful to control cameras with motorized zoom/focus, in addition to controlling the camera parameters (DWDR, Anti-Fog, BLC, HLC, WB, etc).

The software that I have written in Python to control the parameters of the camera and the motorized lens with the joystick are based on http requests. Being able to assign requests to the joystick from Cockpit would be great and it would not be necessary to use any other software in parallel, thus saving PC resources.

Thank you very much for your kind answer

Best regards