Introducing the Watertight Box!

good day blue people!!! :metal:

today are excited to add watertight boxes to our enclosure lineup!

although most subsea projects use cylindrical pressure vessels because of their efficient ability to handle high pressures, sometimes it’s more convenient to use a box! below are some reasons we :blue_heart: a box:

  • it’s easier to mount PCBs and rectangular object inside
  • they don’t require additional trays for mounting
  • they provide a direct heat sinking path for hot electronics

today we are launching a 1L and 5L size, both rated to 300m. want all the deets? check out the product page or listen to rusty’s rundown!!


Hey Guys, when will they be in stock in the onlineshop. this is exactly what I m looking for :slight_smile: happy days, christian

Hi @ChristianC, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We’re having an issue with some of the stock levels being reported on our website at the moment, which we’re working to resolve - sorry!

I’ve been told the 5L boxes are actually out of stock, but there are a couple of the 1L boxes available that we’ve now re-listed on the website.

I don’t have the relevant information to answer this - I’d recommend contacting our sales email (, as the sales team often have more information available about stock levels and re-stocking dates :slight_smile: