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Internal errors (0x8000)

When try to arm i get Message:

Critical: Prearm: Internal errors (0x8000)

Any idea whats the problem?

I have last software update

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Hello GN,

This seems to indicate an issue in the i2c bus, check your peripherals connected via i2c.

After update the last software, there are different issues.

1: internal errors, that you answered.

2: when i try depth hold, or stabilize, the rov start spin round and round. Changes between left and right spin.

3: camera go away for a few second, and then comes back.

All this happend After update…
If i turn off altimeter, video is almost ok. Also the internal error, seems to be gone when altimeter is switched off.

Hi @beginner-n,

Can you record a video of this? What axis does it spin in? When does it change direction?

This looks like browning-out (voltage drop causing the camera to power-cycle)

I have the same issue. I plugged a 30 bar depth sensor to pixhawk’s i2c bus. I get “Critical: Prearm: Internal errors (0x8000)” when I try to arm after a successful pressure calibration.

I have a 30 Bar depth sensor. When I try to arm the ROV after pressure calibration I get “PreArm: Internal errors (0x8000)”. What would be the problem?

I wondering the same. Had this issue some times. After reboot everyting works fine.

I have confirmed this issue. Workaround right now is to reboot after pressure calibration, and your calibration should be ok after reboot.

Status of the problem/solution can be viewed here:

Hi, I’ve put out a new stable ArduSub release (4.0.2) that has fixed this problem. You can install it with companion by clicking the ‘stable’ button at the bottom of the webpage. It is also available in QGC for installing with a direct usb connection to the autopilot.