Interacting with extention containers - Node-Red Intalling additional packages


I’m new to BlueOs , have some limited experience with Docker, but have not used Yacht before, so I’m struggling to do something that should be fairly simple on a non-docker RPI system:

In the Nod-Red extension, I need to build a flow that utilizes the ffmpeg and/or the fswebcam package on the system. I think the best place to install this would be within the node-red extension container, or should it be its own container/extension? I’m not sure how to do this using yacht, or if the best way is through the command line on the base RPI system?

fswebcam would also need access to the camera devices on the RPI. What is the best way of doing this withing the BlueOS and extension structure?

Any suggestions or guidance welcome.


Hi @dev -
I’m not super familiar with Node-Red, but if your goal is to stream video from the BlueOS system, the built in Video Streams manager might be all you need? It allows re-stream of network attached IP cameras that support ONVIF and H264, or any connected H264 webcam that supports the UVC driver.
Can you share more about your overall application / goals?