Installing dual omniscan side sonar on blueboat

Hello, Im installing the blueboat with a dual omniscan 450 sonar but im unable to get the sonars to work together as a dual.
Tried several ip adresses and tried both 16gb and 128gb sd cards.
Also tried different SW versions of sonarview but everytime they keep showing up as 2 different ones, And yes the firmware of both are updated and both sonars are working independantly.
In the manual it says to try “Repeat the IP configuration and firmware update steps”.
Firmware update was an 1 time option and tried ip several times.
also tried turning off the blueboat after every step or just keep it on, but no luck.
Also on sonarview for windows they are seperate.

I hope you have an idea.
Kind Regards,
Vriezoo B.V.

I believe this page is what you need to get going: Setup Instructions for Multiple Omniscans - Cerulean Sonar Docs

PS: I did a dual os450 SS setup today and got it working nicely using the up to date software, updating the firmware, defining the path for the log file directory (where the configuration file is then also located - link to more information on the page I linked to above).

Docs will be updated shortly. We released a new SonarView which changed and simplified the setup for multiple Omniscans right after the product was launched on The Reef. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi @cees

The integration guide has been updated with the correct instructions. Hope that helps!

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Hi all, It’s working as in the new integration guide.
Although if i want to use sonarview for windows (which i think would be the easiest when operating the blueboat) its still showing 2 seperate devices.
or is it best to run sonarview on the blueos and store the data on the sd card?