Installing BlueRov2 software without a tether?


My team is fairly new with ROVs, and the BlueROV2 is our first attempt at building one. We have assembled all the physical parts, and now we have gotten to the software step. However, we are waiting to get a tether later on, and we were wondering if there was any way to install the software without the tether.

What software are you talking about?
QGC is installed only topside without ROV
ROV side softwares can be installed different ways, search this forum.
(ROV side software is usually already installed when you buy a ROV)

If you want to communicate with ROV you have to make a temporary tether.
That could either be an ethernet cable from topside computer to the Pi,
or using one twisted pair between the fathom X boards.


The temporary tether worked. Thank you!