Indiviual motor test and setting motor directions

Hi there!
I want to do a motor test window just like the one inside QGC. I am using pymavlink and I found a command called MAV_CMD_DO_MOTOR_TEST. I tried to use it but it seems like it doesnt affect anything. Are there some initialization I should do before sending those commands? Here is my command sending code.

And for example if I send a command with value %50 will the thruster stop or with %0 value will it turn reverse?

Hi @Efe,

I haven’t tried sending motor test commands directly via MAVLink before, and unfortunately can’t test it at the moment. I would recommend looking into

  1. the specifics of MAV_CMD_DO_MOTOR_TEST
  2. how motor testing is implemented in ArduSub
  3. how motor testing is implemented in QGroundControl
    • this may be relevant
  4. how to more completely implement the MAVLink Command Protocol
    • complex commands may require more than just sending the command initially