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How to keep a camera housing from fouling?

I have a project where I am trying to design an underwater time lapse camera setup that will take 1 photo per day for 6 weeks. I think I have the parts I need (the 3” tube kit), but I am worried about fouling from algae obscuring the shots.

Does anyone have any ideas for an anti fouling solution that won’t obscure the clear housing front?

Will this be run on batteries or powered over cable?
U could use a servo or stepper motor to swipe a filt covered magnet along the glass on the inside and stick a magnet on the outside padded with neoprene or filt. The outer magnet will Follow the inner one. It takes some work but will fix the growth problem. Another way is to threat the surface with some New nano stuff and hope that algees dont stick to easy to it.

There are commercial solutions (ZebraTech), but I’m guessing you’re here because you want to DIY! Like @SDI mentioned, a servo or stepper is the way to go, that’s what the commercial system uses. But the trick is to waterproof the part. How deep is it? You might be able to get away with an oil immersed part?

ps-great username! :nerd_face:

The servo or stepper motor will be installed inside the 3inch bottle, hence the magnet. No need to waterproof it