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How to install opencv and dependencies and gstreamer and plugins via package manager on windows10

I am trying to get video stream source in python code on my PC.
I have found this link: https://www.ardusub.com/developers/opencv.html. It suggest to install some packages via package manager and he gives commands used in ubuntu and companion.But how can i install these packages on win10? I have tried to copy the example python code in my computer and run it but the traceback showed ‘no module named gi’.


We strongly recommend to use linux for development, but you if you want to use windows, you’ll need to find the equivalent of the apt install packages in windows to install.
About yout error message, it appears python-gst-1.0 is missing.

I have set up a VM on my computer, but QGC cannot communicate with raspberry pi. I use the ubuntu system. I’ve followed the tutorial and set the virtual machine’s IP address to to solve the problem of communication between the QGC under the VM and the raspberry pi?

Thank you for your quickily reply,Patrick.
And I now meet the same trouble as the @gyj said. i have changed the network settings in my virtual linux OS followed the https://www.ardusub.com/getting-started/installation.html#raspberry-pi, but the QGC has no response.


@gyj and @rimu, It’s necessary to configure your virtualization software (Virtual Box, Boxes, VMware) to provide the correct network interface for you virtual machine.