How to connect wires in the Lumen light PCB board slot

I have 4 lumen lights and i just purchased 2 more light and i will attach the additional 2 lights with existing 4 lights but i was not sure how to connect red, yellow and black wires to the socket. Do i push the wire into the slot? how to identify which wire go into which slot? do i connect the wire into the same slot orientation as in the other side of the PCB board?

Hi @noppita,

This post is likely worth a read:

The slots are labelled on the PCB with silkscreen (white text), but for your reference

  • the yellow (signal/PWM) wire goes closest to the edge of the board
  • the red (power) wire goes in the middle of the connector
  • the black (ground) wire goes in the remaining slot, at the edge of the connector that’s closest to the middle of the board