Lumen light internal electrical connections

Hi guys,
Iv taken apart the lumen lights so that I can trim the cable length so fit my ROV a bit better.
When Iv gone to put the wires back into the splice connections it looks like a dog has chewed on it and not like the nice neat wiring that was in there. Are you using a special tool to push the wires into the splice connections or do I just need a bit more finesse ? I’m just pushing them in with a small screwdriver.

Many thanks


Hi Paul

I had to do something similar when putting lumens into my latest design and ended up using a small screwdriver as well. As you mention, it is far from a perfect job. One of my lumens never worked after I did it so possibly forcing the wires in by force has to be done with quite a bit more care than I used.

We use this punch tool on the insulation displacement connectors:

The connectors are designed to use with this tool. As @johng and @Tangaroa mention, you might be unsuccessful or even cause damage without this tool. Without the tool, it might help to place some wadding like folded up paper towel over the wire before pushing it in order to get some conformation and even pressure application.

Hi John,
Thanks for the reply. Good to know I’m not the only one that was having issues.

Thanks for the link to the tool. Iv put one on order. No more mashing cables with screwdrivers.

Revisiting an old thread here. I’m rebuilding some old Lumen light strings, changing the penetrators from the old potted ones to WetLinks. I’ve ordered the insertion tool mentioned above (thanks @jwalser !), some Wetlinks and some fresh cable. I’d like to change the O-rings too, but I’m puzzling a little over which to get. The main body O-rings appear to be size 021. The lens O-ring is sort of like 019 but appears to be a little thinner. Has anyone out there figured out the correct O-rings to get, or can Blue Robotics comment on the O-rings they use?


Hi @wholm,

I asked about this and was told your estimates are correct:

I’ll add that to the technical details table :slight_smile:

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