How to connect the switch

Hey guys,

I am facing difficulty in connection with the switch. As the document has not completely mention how the final connection of the switch will be.


Can you point exactly which part of the documentation and what are you trying to accomplish ?

The installation document of the switch is not complete.
The final wire has to be attached to the ‘RUN’ Port of the R Pi.
Thank you

Hi @ TMRT,

The Switch is a generic part to do whatever signal or low power switching you wish. There is no specific use case in mind, you can use it for whatever you need in any underwater project that requires a simple waterproof switch, which is why the documentation ends where it does. Note the switch is rated for up to 5 A, and cannot be used to switch main power on the BlueROV2.


Can I use the switch to control a relay which itself switches the battery on and off?

Hi @WaldoPepper,

Yes, you could and several others have done so. You can search the forum to see their results.