High voltage sag, not charging

I have a 4s6p Molicel p26a pack from blue robotics that I am having a hard time charging. I am using an old iCharger 106B+. What’s happening is when I charge the battery the voltage increases quite a bit with a very low current. Right now my resting voltage is 14.17v but it will jump to 16.8v with only 0.35a. This tricks my charger into thinking the batter is charged and ends the charge. I’ve tried other batteries and don’t have this issue with them. This makes me questing if the battery is faulty. Anyway, love to here any suggestions.

I have found the issue!!! I had too much resistance in my connections which caused the c value to be lower. But hooking my battery up better the voltage didn’t change as much allowing my charger to work.

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