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H6 unlocked firmware problem

Hi All
I was just trying to upload the unlocked firmware to a recently-purchased H6 charger and encountered a problem unzipping the firmware file. Windows says the zip I downloaded is empty, and online unzipping services report errors too, so I’m stuck. Is there someplace I can find the non-zipped .prg firmware file?

Hi @rperkins,

I just downloaded it and had a look - seems like it’s actually compressed as a rar file. That’s something we need to fix, but in the meantime if you change the file extension from .zip to .rar you should be able to extract it :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking, Eliot. I tried a few .rar tools and still can’t find anything that works. Could there be a windows vs. Mac/Linux incompatibility here?

Not sure - I’m on Mac and used The Unarchiver, but I can check Windows too.

Does it work to download the .prg from here? (I uploaded the extracted file to google drive)

It seems to work for me to extract the current ‘.zip’ on Windows with 7-zip, once the file extension has been changed to ‘.rar’ :slight_smile:

Thanks Eliot, I’ll try 7-zip. I did download the .prg which should work fine in any case.

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Just confirming that the file on the website has now been updated to an actual .zip, so I’ve removed the one from my Google Drive :slight_smile: