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GoPro housing rated to 150-300m depth

Found a webpage with some nice products. Think it is time to buy and test GoPro6. Have anyone tested thiese housings?


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Hi Svein,

We haven’t tested any of those but they look interesting. Here’s another company that does deep GoPro housings:


Hi @rjehangir
Just ordered a housing rated to 150m. Think the size of thiese housings are very slim and nice and perfect for the BR2.

Hi all,

We used for quite some time case from RecSea rated to 200-250 m that are still good (they were for the Gopro Hero3) and we used them on a kind of drop cam system down to 130 m.
Yesterday, I tested NIMAR case for our Hero6. The case is rated to 200m and we tested it on the BluRov2 down to 90 m without any troubles. It is a bit bulky and we need to play a bit more on the ballast adjustments but it is good, relatively cheap and because it is produced in Italy shipping fees might be cheaper for Europeans.