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GOPRO HERO bad again,new camera

Has had big problems with mine GoPRO 3 black and 4 silver camera,have had only trouble with them.
Camera turns on and off all the time and Camera Freezes Up.
Sow yesterday i buy the new GoPRo 5 black, but camera can not output video from usb,only from hdmi.
If you are going to have video out you need a hdmi converter,shall return it to the store.

So now I’m tired of everything that matters GoPRO,Is not worth the money,in my opinion.

Have discovered a camera called FOXEER Box 4K CMOS.

This camera has USB video out and you can supply camera with 5 volt.

Looks pretty good,Costs $ 170

I have ordered one from http://www.foxeer.com

Here’s another camera I saw today that looked nice. It looks like it doesn’t have live video output though.

600$ / out of stock

The Foxeer looks interesting, thanks for sharing.
With regards to GoPro, you’ve probably gone through all the troubleshooting, but if not:

  • update the firmware.
  • only use recommended cards
  • be mindful that they are small cameras, small heat sinks, and running them at high performance settings for long periods of time can cause them to overheat
  • if you are powering them externally, use a battery eliminator instead of via USB

I agree, very disappointing that AV out is not supported on the Hero 5.You could use the AuVidea B101 to actually connect the Hero 5 to the Pi via HDMI, but from what I’ve read it’s limited to 25FPS.

I always thought the battery life of the Gopro pretty poor. I have got one of these now. and it works pretty well.

I suspect you can pick them up cheaper in the US of A.