Gopro control via BlueOS terminal


I tried to control my Gopro hooked on the Pi4 with USB cable thru the BlueOS terminal but I got an error. It works fine under Ubuntu but not under BlueOS. I’m not a linux specialist, so sorry if my question seems to be fool

Here is the linux command I used : curl “http://172.x.x.x/gp/gpControl/status"

Under ubuntu it returns the status of the Gopro but under BlueOS I got that :

We’re sorry but BlueOS doesn’t work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue.

Do you know why ? Do you think it would be possible to control a Gopro that way ? And then how to get rid of that error ?

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It sounds like the IP you entered in the terminal is BlueOS’s and not the Gopro’s. I assume that is the issue.


I retrieved the Gopro IP thru the Network Information. Pinging the gopro thru the terminal works fine. Any other idea ?

Yes, that is the issue! that is BlueOS`s IP in the usb0 network created by the Gopro, not the Gopro’s IP.

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Sorry William but I don’t catch the difference. Under Ubuntu, If I perform an ‘ip’ command I retrieve the IP address of the GoPro under USB0 and I can use the address with Curl, the GoPro receive the command.I works.
Under BlueOS, I do exactly the same process and it does not work. Why ? The IP address I retrieve with ‘ip’ command in the terminal is the same I got under the Network tab.

As long as I know the GoPros address always ends with 51.
So in your case would be the proper address to send you request to.