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Ghost gear recovery

Has anyone done any fishing ghost gear recovery? Out our way there is tons of lobster and crab traps on the bottom that I’m interested in recovering.

Any pointers, or video examples of recoveries out there?


You need to rig up a recovery line to the ROV, essentially you fly to your target, latch in and back away and recover the ROV as the line pays out. Once you have the system in the boat pull up the target with the line. In the following images you can see two samples of the recovery reals I have used in the past. These can obviously be scaled down for a smaller system like the BlueROV. But it should help convey the idea.


I have recovered some lobster pots by gripping them with the gripper and pull the tether.
Weight of them in water is less then 10 kg.
Since value of new pots is less then 100$ it is not a good business.
But very good from enviromental point.
Most lost pots keeps fishing for years.