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Getting Lion-fish with BLUEROV2

(Jose) #1

Hi Guys

I have this wild idea to to remove Lion-fish from the ocean, instead fishing them wit a spear, would like to shock them with electricity and them suck them in thru a tube that will be placed on top and center of ROV and at the end of the suction tube place a fishing bag (net) that will collect the lion-fish.

Have already begin my build but would like to know if I create some kind of cover on top of both T200 # 5 and #6 (which are the both center ones) and divert that flow of water into a 2.5 feet x 4’ diam. tube on top of the ROV, can that make a powerful suction to suck the lion-fish inside the tube or should I need something else.

I know for sure that compress air into a tube will make it work, I use to do it long time ago while diving and searching for wrecks. I think is called underwater dredging.



(Adam) #2

Hi @jfzouain,

Have you seen the RSE lionfish hunting vehicle? The use almost exactly what you describe here, a set of electric paddles to stun the lionfish and a thruster at the end of a tube to suck them in.


(Jose) #3

Hi Adam

Yes, have seen it, and the concepts is very similar with the exception that the RSE keeps all the lion-fish within the suction tube, and this can make the ROV heavier with each catch. What I want is to place them in a net and when the bag is full, float it to the surface with air and attach another bag and keep on fishing.