Geiger counter.. anyone made one? ..or other Tooling?

…im looking at some tooling and i have a interesst in a Geiger counter and there is a lot in the DIY Arduino marked, have anyone tried this ? …just asking before im starting making :wink: … any other tooling is also appriciated here… :wink: i will start making “Newton” compatible "Fishtales " for different tooling (Knife, watersampling, sedimentsampling, CP probe, Cutter/Brusher and on) but just for now im into the Geiger counter…any advise?

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Did you find any? When/where do you need a geiger counter?

…well ive found different ones and they arent expensive , but just thougt about if someone have any experience, im using it on U-864 - YouTube …Project Cesar wasnt about engines (Hitler last wish whas that Japan could destroy USA with a Nuclearbomb) and this is in the End of the war… .Read recently documents! (use Google translate)… it was most likely up to 2 tonns of Uranium, that im going to do a measuerement, but i will have a meeting next week with the “Cheif” of Enviroment i Norway (Kurt Oddekalv next week) (about this, and the shadyness of fishfarming, i can document All that they cant, with a loong tether;)). …so i was just airing this in here, but nobody have tryed this, so i guess ill just go for what i know myself;)…but im also making a Small 6 truster ROV to go inside the wreck bec we need to know how corroded it is too, in a salvage operation we want to know the quality of the steel, the gouverment are just about to cover it all with rocks?? … at Least we know its 65 Tonns of Mercury so its Not an option to just crush it, it will be the biggest enviromenat disaster Norway have ever seen. …so that why i ask;)…, Viking history will have to wait a little…Well i have a WW2 plane that i will film in a week that Nobody even know where are(my old Boss is a minediver and have been serching for it for 2 yrs and, found it by Luck with a sonar, its on 90 m so i have the chanse to be first;) (well im about the only on e that knows where it is so;) (Ref Bombing of Bergen WW2)…so thats my projects for the time beeing and making ROV s ;)…selling my sailboat in Sweden as we speak :wink: r …wanna cheap sailboat in Scandinavia heres your chanse;)

Hii… im missing the Old tether… is there i place where i can get it? any hint?..i need the stiffness;)

Regards from Christian

Hi Christian,

We still have some of the old tethers in stock and you can still get them here:


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Tnx…sorry this came out here, it was intended to a PM, but i missed that :wink:

I have 150m(I think) of the old R1 tether here I’d love to get rid of…

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aaa 150 is too short:( but tnx :wink: (dont you like it?.. i like it… feel i have moore control over where it is;) …but im used to thicker so possible just me… glad im havent flyed Too much on Just Umbillical;D

I just don’t like the way it takes a set on the spool and wants to stay coiled instead of straighten out. I should probably keep it anyway, maybe use it for a generator setup since it wouldn’t be a big deal if it melted.

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aa ok… i havent go a spool yet…its figure of 8…:wink: and a tetherman :wink: