FXTI - faulty USB adapter replacement recommendation

Recently, my 5 month old BR2 (with several successful dives so far) had a problem with connecting to the computer. Even the ping command in the command line had no effect, so there was no connection. Sometimes I also got a message that Windows cannot recognize the USB device. I checked it on two computers and the effect was the same.

I looked through the forum and finally opened the FXTI case. It turned out that when I connect the Fathom-X Board to my computer via RJ45, everything works as it should. The transmission speed is good - 85/82 Mbps.

So I assumed that the USB-to-Ethernet adapter was damaged somehow. Can you recommend which adapter should I use as replacement? Will any 100Mbps adapter work?

Hi @en_morty,

Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your FXTI.

That does seem to be the case, unless it’s the USB-B to USB-A cable that connects the FXTI to the computer.

If it is the adapter that’s the problem, there aren’t particular requirements on the adapter beyond the size (fitting in the FXTI box) and the communication rate. That said, if you contact support@bluerobotics.com and let them know what’s happened (feel free to link to this thread) we might be able to send you a replacement adapter and/or USB cable.

It would be helpful if you can include an order number and/or purchase date if possible, for determining replacement eligibility and so we can log the issue effectively :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply.

I didn’t mention it, but tried several cables as well.

So, I’ll contact the support as you wrote.

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