Full source code required


A client recently purchased a BRV. The client is a teacher who now wants to control the full code of the BRV to teach. The steps he thought about were to first build a coding environment, then compile all the code you gave through a compilation environment, and finally generate an executable file to control BRV. Can you give the complete steps and software above? The steps may require you to describe in as much detail as possible, since his students have weak coding skills or none at all.

Hi @Kingzeon,

The BlueROV2 runs on open source software, and the documentation we have written for it is already public. I would recommend reading Searching Resources to get started, but beyond that

  • we have slightly outdated but quite complete documentation for ArduSub and its related softwares here, and
  • we’re working on transferring and updating that documentation to a new and better system here
    • quite limited at the moment
    • currently documents just the stable version of BlueOS
    • will include recent ArduSub and QGroundControl changes when complete
    • will include references to newer products that are currently left off (e.g. our new Navigator autopilot board, and network switches like our Ethernet Switch)

That doesn’t really make sense - the BlueROV2 runs ArduSub on its autopilot board, BlueOS (or Companion software) on its onboard computer, and QGroundControl on the topside computer. You can’t have a single compiled executable that is split across multiple pieces of hardware.

I think I see what you mean. Also, may I ask which city are you in? If the school you serve is close to us, we would like to help

Hello Frank,

My city is Guangzhou, Guangdong, and the customer’s city is Zhanjiang, Guangdong. Do you have a specific case?