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Frame Material and Texture

Hello, does anybody knows if the frame pieces are made by molds or plates?
I woud like to know how is made the frame outside texture.

They are cut out of sheets of HDPE plastic.

I’ve had success milling HDPE sheets on a CNC to build mission-specific add-on pieces that match the frame.

The HDPE was from McMaster-Carr - https://www.mcmaster.com/hdpe-sheets/=5f5dcae7f7ac40c991e33eec7940bc7ek7th36l2 and we used a Shapeoko XXL CNC with a 1-flute endmill.

Hi @juliano.martins,

The material is HDPE. Sheets like this are available from a few different suppliers and have trade names such as King Starboard HDPE and Seaboard HDPE. They are manufactured with the texture.