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Follow diver mode

Hi… is there possibillity of getting a remote" follow diver" mode as the same as a drone? cool asset to have :wink: …Plug it and make it follow your dives :wink: …or for commercial use :wink:

Anything is possible :slight_smile:
There is no such functionality already existing though. The closest thing to it is the ‘follow’ mode that the other ardupilot vehicles provide.

https://ibubble.camera/product/ibubble-autonomous-underwater-drone/ yes there is apparently?? :wink: … but how do they do it? really a good feature :wink:

Yes it’s possible as ibubble has done it. They have a team that has spent years developing their implementation with computer vision and acoustics.

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i see that one but i guess you need the Water link to it, but i guess theese guys found something easyer? …i dont know… just saw it and maby you knew what they are doing?:wink:

ok… just stumbled over it and had to ask ;)) … but maby one out here know how to? :wink: