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Flooded main electronics enclosure (bad)

(Marcus) #21

Yes, I’m surprised you salvaged anything to be honest! In my experience (which thankfully has only been a couple of times) saltwater and electronics usually results in a trip straight to the bin…not worth trying to fix, especially for commercial work where a failure further down the track is possible (likely)…


We will eventually replace it all, but I want this to be a learning experience too. We have logistics problems here and being able to fix problems without relying on mail delivery is sometimes necessary. We have the luxury at this time of year of being able to spare some down-time. Our plans for this summer are to have two fully redundant systems available.

(Bo Vikarby) #23

Hi If the BR2 could disconnect battery power with a switch inside the battery housing and completely remove power from electronics and that is done immediately when a leak is detected most of electronic circuits can be salvaged after proper cleaning

(Christian) #24

,…and use a LOT moore freshwater to wash off the salt.

(Bo Vikarby) #25

Of course !


I received the remaining boards and swapped them out. The ROV passed a function check. Tomorrow (Sunday) I will finish reassembly and test dive in freshwater!

(Christian) #27

…but its a Brilliant add we should have!!!..is there a possabillity here without making it manually?..(servo on/ off in the el bottle)…? …think this will save some money in the long run here;)

(Bo Vikarby) #28

Hi Christian

This can be done in the following way. An N chanel mosfet say 90A can be used to switch power off from the BR2, The mosfet need a 10V control signal which can be rerouted from main electronic housing to battery compartment from unused pair in tether. Then the power to BR2 can be switched on and off from topside. Mosfet must be thermally connected to the aluminum end cap and electrically insulated. Such insulating material films with good thermal properties have Bergquist company. The mosfet can if mounted in this way handle around 90A as long as the BR2 is in the water which is needed to cool the mosfet. It is not hard to do a more exact calculation for this.

(Christian) #29

…something like that yes ! :wink: (funny too se how old knowledge comes back sometimes, after getting some ideas;) …didnt think that way at all first :wink: …i was moore in the relay dep… :wink: