First Pool Trial

We had our first pool session today which went very well.

Its a custom built ROV based on Raspberry Pi in the BlueRov2 hull, using a custom built, touch based, wireless web interface on a Samsung Galaxy tablet. There is also the option of dual control and views because the same interface was running on a PC at the same time.

There were a few known issues that will be tidied up in the coming weeks:

  • The network tether is not plugged in - we used WiFi today. Below the surface the thrusters were running a pre-programmed set of commands.
  • Running computer power off the main battery is not in place yet - we used a second USB battery in the electronic enclosure.
  • The thruster directional control virtual joystick needs some more attention.

For a first test, it seemed to go very well with no unexpected issues. :grinning:


Well done @deepsouth, let us know if the code becomes available!

Thanks @jwalser. We may look at that in the future but there is plenty of refining of the code to do for now :slight_smile:

Nice one Andrew!
Looking great mate, looking forward to seeing your progress.

Thanks Matt.

I appreciate the support and products from BayDynamics :grinning: