Fathom Slim tether strain relief

Hi all,
I currently have a slim tether with a thimble tied back to the ROV case. The tether is secured around the thimble with three large cable ties (the same as the build instructions)

Is anyone using a different setup, like dynema or some other braided rope?


I went to a marine supply and bought a smaller thimble for mine.

Hi Dale.

There is a note on the Fathom Slim tether store page stating that it is currently in limited release and not yet available as an official option for the BlueROV2. The current lack of a good solution for strain relief is the reason for this, we’re working to address this and when we have something available it will then be a an official option.

In the meantime, you can still use it with the BlueROV2, its just up to you to come up with an appropriate strain relief solution. A smaller thimble like Paul suggested could work, or you could try double/triple wrapping it around the current thimble.


What’s the outer diameter of the cable? And ideally what would the top and base diameters of the gland strain relief come be? I can probably design a ed printable gland mold for it.

At this stage l’m going to use a dyneema cable sock, led back to a bridle.

The texture of the cable will take the sock, it’s a matter of heat shrink, or weld tape to secure the tail.

Normal ops shouldn’t be a problem, it’s more the retrieval over distance and depth if I stuff up!

If you’re going to wrap the tether around the thimble twice, I recommend you use a round thimble, such as this “low friction ring”: Low Friction Rings | West Marine

i’m using the slim tether and i agree - the available piece is a bit loose for it.
after googling a bit i found out that its called “kausche” in german and i found them on Amazon:

4mm Kausche

i just ordered them to see how they work with the slim tether


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I found one in the U.S., here.