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Differences in tether breaking strain/working strength

Hi all,

Was surprised to see that working strength/breaking strength written in the specifications for the Fathom Rov Tether R2, Rov Tether original, and the Fathom Slim tether are all exactly the same. With the differences in diameter, and now differences in jacket material (R2 has the new flexible material), I would imagine these tethers all have slightly different mechanical properties?

In my experience the Slim line tether stretches/kinks quite a bit over time when compared to the thicker tether. As our vehicles are all becoming quite heavy, I’ve been considering moving back to the older, thicker tether.

I guess I was wondering is if the breaking strains etc are actually the same across both thick R1, thick R2, and slim line? Or would the thicker tether be recommended for a heavier ROV launch/recovery?

Excellent question. Having just ordered an R2 tether for a heavy build, I was wondering the same thing. I foresee needing to lift the ROV by its tether in many cases.

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